Legislative Happenings: Food Trucks, Alcohol, Women's Rights, Apprenticeships and Everything In Between

Week 4 of the Utah State Legislative Session saw a ton of bills coming through Business and Labor. The flood gates were definitely opened on Monday and slowed back to a normal pace the rest of the week. Various interests were represented in these bills, including food trucks, licensing, radioactive waste, solar energy, women's rights, and, of course, alcohol. In the interest of space, I am going to cover bills that I noted have a direct impact on business or community, crossed my radar this week and which I haven't covered in a previous entry. That still leaves 27 bills for me to review. To make this a little more interesting and easier to track, I have organized the bills as they came across my radar chronologically. So let's buckle up and get down to this week's review.

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Legislative Happenings: Business Bills from Worker's Comp to Limited Liability Companies

We are officially halfway through the 2018 Utah State Legislative Session. This week, I read through another six bills as they came up before committee meetings, which brings the total number of bills I am now tracking to 47. On Monday, the Senate and House Committees on Business and Labor have scheduled about 17 bills total between them, with one committee meeting at 8 in the morning, and the other in the afternoon. This week I attended the shortest committee meeting on Wednesday, which lasted 17 minutes, and the longest committee meeting on Thursday that lasted over three hours. I met and talked with the two conservative sponsors of SB86 (Victim Targeting Penalty Enhancements) and SB138 (Gender Marker Change Amendments). Senator Dan Thatcher, who is sponsoring SB86, expressed his concern that Senators are telling him that they don't know how to vote since the LDS Church hasn't weighed in yet. According to Troy Williams of Equality Utah, Senate President Neiderhauser has also said that the bill won't be heard. Senator Todd Weiler, who is sponsoring SB138, is contemplating an amendment to his bill that would require hormone therapy like the law in Oregon. When he asked me what I thought of that amendment, I suggested that if he really had to amend the bill in that direction, he should expand it using the term "medically transitioned," defined as either "being on cross-sex hormone therapy or having had any surgery to align someone's body with their target sex." The last thing we want is a requirement for surgery to be able to change your gender marker. One of his trans constituents has asked him to return to the judges for their input.

This week, I want to focus on bills that may impact business, particularly small businesses. To that end, I selected ten bills to review that I have not yet covered. In this collection, there is one bill on worker's compensation, one on electric energy, one dealing with construction codes, five with occupational and professional licensing, one on the transportation network, and one on limited liability companies. Some of these descriptions are fairly brief, and others I'll be elucidate a bit more.

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Legislative Happenings: 5 Bills Impacting the LGBTQ+ Community

As we are about to complete week 2 of the legislative session, it was a challenge keeping up with the legislative bills going through the Business and Labor Committee and a couple others of interest. In just two weeks, I have read through 41 bills--including SB138 (Gender Change Amendments) and SB86 (Victim Targeting Penalty Enhancements), which I added to my watch list; eight legislative committee meetings, six hours in meetings with the Women's State Legislative Council, and a couple hours total in casual conversation with people I meet on the hill, including legislators, organization directors, and the ex-Fire Marshall of Midvale City. A couple of these bills ran over 3,000 lines in length, requiring several hours of reading.

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Legislative Happenings: A View from the Top

On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, Utah State House Speaker Greg Hughes and Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox were invited to speak before the Women's State Legislative Council in the Gold Room a few hours before we heard Governor Gary Herbert's state of the state address before the combined session of both houses.


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Legislative Happenings: From Foster Care to Fireworks

It seems like the Utah State Legislature is off to a quick start. Last year the legislature passed over 500 bills. This year, they are already setting a new record with 1,277 new bills according to Utah Governor Gary Herbert in his State of the State address last night. I want to welcome the readers of this column as I do my best to inform you of my experiences at the Utah State Capitol so you can be informed on things that are happening that may impact your life, for better or worse. Last year, I was appointed to co-chair the Business and Labor Committee for the Women’s State Legislative Council of Utah and added as member of the board of the Transgender Inclusion Project in order to take advantage of my political experience. Earlier this month, I stepped down from the board of the Utah Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce to serve as their first appointed Legislative Liaison. In addition, I am continuing to serve as the Vice Chair of the Community Council of Midvale City. What this means for me is that I have a lot of reasons for keeping an eye out for bills coming through the Business and Labor Committees of the Utah State Senate and the Utah State House. I will also be sharing my impressions of other bills that cross my path.


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Sophia Hawes-Tingey Announces Bid for Mayor


Sophia Hawes-Tingey, Candidate
phone: 801/440-0584
email: sophia@sophiahawes.com

Rhett Wilkinson, Communications Director, Sophia Hawes-Tingey Campaign
phone: 801/603-6004
email: rhett.wilkinson@yahoo.com




The Revolution Continues with a Focus on Community


The race for mayor of Midvale is coming up in 2017. It is with our pleasure and excitement to announce that Sophia Hawes-Tingey will seek the office of Mayor for Midvale City. Please join us for a press conference on Saturday, November 19 at 2:00 pm, 7530 S Main St, Midvale, UT 84047-7104 to join the conversation with Sophia Hawes-Tingey about her vision for the city of Midvale and its residents.

Sophia is the Vice Chair of the Community Council in Midvale, the Coordinator of the Midvale Precinct Community Watch program, a Navy veteran, and Director of the Judiciary Committee for the Women's State Legislative Council of Utah. She brings these and other experiences with a desire to serve her community into this race.

“What I love most about Midvale is that the people are diverse, welcoming and fiercely protective of their community. I see myself as a leader who puts community first, listens to the needs of community, and cares to put those needs into action.” - Sophia Hawes-Tingey


Sophia Hawes-Tingey was a National Delegate to the Democratic National Convention representing Congressional District 4, pledged to Senator Bernie Sanders and previously ran for Midvale City Council. To find out more about Sophia, please visit her website at www.sophiahawes.com.

Memorial Day

Graves_at_Arlington_on_Memorial_Day.JPGAs you take advantage of this three-day weekend in honor of Memorial Day, to work in your flower beds, go hiking, boating, or a trip to the movies, please also take a moment to reflect on all those people who have died while serving in the armed forces. If you know one or two, please bring them to mind this day. If you have access to their place of interment, please consider decorating it with flowers. If you don't know anyone, please consider making a part of your planned activities this weekend, a visit to a war memorial, or a graveyard, thinking of the families who lost a young member who never returned home from serving their country.

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Bathroom Bullies

It's increasingly becoming a cultural wedge issue in the 2016 election. The GOP put it in their national platform, presidential candidates are talking about it, people are protesting Target stores, and now the Governor of Utah has decided that the most vulnerable among us don't deserve civil rights. We're talking about, of all things, the right to pee--and more specifically the right for transgender individuals to pee.

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Midvale City Council Announcement



My name is Sophia Hawes-Tingey and I am running for Midvale City Council District 2

Since I have been serving on the Midvale Community Council, I have learned that this district is in need. It needs someone who is a little bit more about community, and who is a little bit less about business. It needs a leader who listens, a leader who cares, and a leader who has the resources and willpower to balance the needs of the community with the needs of businesses more fairly.

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Press Release: Endorsed for Victory

For Immediate Release

Contact: Sophia Hawes-Tingey

Candidate for Midvale City Council District 2


(801) 658-0545




Salt Lake City, UT, April 20, 2015. National LGBT group, Victory Fund (Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund), has announced its endorsement of Sophia Hawes-Tingey in her race for Midvale City Council. If elected, Hawes-Tingey would be the first-ever openly transgender person elected as a public servant in Utah.


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