Press Release: Endorsed for Victory

For Immediate Release

Contact: Sophia Hawes-Tingey

Candidate for Midvale City Council District 2

[email protected]

(801) 658-0545




Salt Lake City, UT, April 20, 2015. National LGBT group, Victory Fund (Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund), has announced its endorsement of Sophia Hawes-Tingey in her race for Midvale City Council. If elected, Hawes-Tingey would be the first-ever openly transgender person elected as a public servant in Utah.



Currently a member of the Midvale Community Council, Sophia Hawes-Tingey has quickly gained the confidence and respect of her fellow council members and Midvale citizens alike. Since recently being unanimously made Secretary of the Community Council, Hawes-Tingey has been out in the community promoting CERT trainings and has come to recognize the need for a leader who will work hard to protect existing communities as Midvale continues to grow. Sophia was recently endowed with endorsements from Utah Stonewall Democrats and the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Hispanic Caucus for her commitment to both of those communities.


The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund was founded in 1991 with the mission to increase the number of openly LGBT officials at every level of government. The Victory Fund has been pivotal in helping to bring political firsts all over the country. Having helped to elect the nation’s first openly lesbian African American city council member in 1991, Victory Fund has assisted the campaigns of many prominent national figures like Tammy Baldwin, Anise Parker, and Barney Frank. In 2012, of the record 180 candidates that received Victory endorsements 123 were voted into office. In 2014, Victory began focusing more of its strategic efforts to areas of the country with the least amount of LGBT representation and protections.


Sophia Hawes-Tingey invites everybody to attend her official ice cream social campaign kick-off on Friday June 5, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. The event will be held at Center Square in Midvale (across from the Midvale Center Station).