Call to Caucus

Valley-Jr-High-School-800x600-300x200.jpgCome caucus with me. If you live in the Southwestern part of West Valley City, you probably live in my district. If you do, we will be caucusing March 22 at West Valley Junior High (4195 S 3200 W).

I am running to represent House District 30 and would love to see you there. My race is an extension of the advocacy work that I have been doing for the last eight years. It was by becoming a candidate and then becoming a delegate that opened doors for me to start having conversations with decision makers. It has allowed me to bring community concerns to people who can do something about them, and from there I have been involved in the leadership of organizations that care about these issues.


Becoming a delegate is a great first step! As a candidate, I want to see you passionately communicating about the things that you care about to people who will listen. I want to hear your concerns. What do you see as the most important issue or issues facing your community? 

profile1.jpgFor me, the issues that impact me the most are Healthcare, Housing, Human Rights, and Sustainability. But I want to hear from you. How can I help?

Even though I am a Navy veteran and a senior software engineer for a large organization by day, over the years I have had the opportunity to serve in multiple leadership roles. You can learn more about me here.

Of course, as a candidate, I still need to fundraise for my campaign, and I am accepting donations, whatever you can give.

I look forward to seeing you at caucus night.

In love and service to our communities, 

Sophia Hawes Tingey

Candidate, Utah House of Representatives District 30

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