Why She Is Running

I am running for Midvale City Council because I feel strongly that we need more diverse perspectives at the table, diverse perspectives that care strongly about our communities, our families, and our future. In a lot of ways I have been at the door, and am increasingly in the room, but I am not yet at the table.


I have been working to encourage more engagement between the residents of the city and the leadership, especially when it comes to development for the impending growth of our city. We need to keep an eye on keeping our neighborhoods tightly knit as well as welcoming, crime free, with nearby opportunities for recreation, varied housing and jobs. It all needs to fit, and we need to be innovative in building walkable, breathable, cyclable, and green communities.

We have to do what we can to be safe, upgrading our crossings when they no longer do the job, and being creative and exploring ideas to improve the safety of our streets.

We need an arts district and to continue to honor the past by continuing to bring attention to our historic main street,

We have a growing diverse population and we need to see that they have the opportunity to feel welcome, fully involved, and be able to express their needs to the city council to do so. We need a volunteer diversity council.

We also need to make sure that when we redistrict after the census that we keep our communities as intact as possible.

I am and have been in the room, and am able to work with the people at the table. I am asking for a place at the table to better serve our communities.

I am looking for people who want to form a campaign team for that purpose.

In love and service to our communities,