2015 Endorsements for City Council



Who endorsed Sophia for Midvale City Council District 2? None other than:

  • Sim Gill, Salt Lake County District Attorney

  • Sandra Hollins, Utah House of Representatives.

  • Josie Valdez, President, Soroptimist Latinas of Salt Lake City

  • Eric Ethington, Communications Director, Political Research Associates

  • Restore Our Humanity
  • Barbra Evans-Clawson, Board Member, Women's Democratic Club

  • Utah Stonewall Democrats

  • Salt Lake County Democratic Party Hispanic Caucus

  • Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund

  • John Forsman, Chair, Utah State Democratic Veteran's Caucus

  • Central Utah Federation of Labor
  • Janet Rose, Former Utah State Legislature representing the Millcreek Area from 1987 to 1993
  • Salt Lake County Democratic Progressive Caucus
  • Jerry Rapier
  • Ben McAdams, Mayor, Salt Lake County
  • Equality Utah